Directed Writing – Summer 2023, Paper 2 Variant 2

Summer 2023, Paper 2, Variant 2, Sample Answer (Question 1)

Question 1
Your friend has been asked by their boss at work to apologise to a colleague for missing a meeting.
Your friend is unsure whether to apologise and how to apologise so that their boss is satisfied.
Write a letter to your friend, giving advice on what they should do.
In your letter you should:
• evaluate the ideas about apologising given in both texts
• explain why your friend should or should not apologise, and how to deal with the situation at
Base your letter on what you have read in both texts, but be careful to use your own words.
Address both of the bullet points.
Write about 250 to 350 words.
Up to 15 marks are available for the content of your answer, and up to 25 marks for the
quality of your writing.

Dear Jacob,

Navigating the delicate terrain of workplace apologies can be tricky, as highlighted by our recent discussions on the matter. Having reflected on various perspectives regarding apologies, I want to share some thoughts that might help you decide how to proceed with your boss’s request to apologize to a colleague.

The essence of an apology, stripped of all pretense, is an acknowledgment of an oversight or mistake, coupled with genuine remorse. This is where the crux of your dilemma lies: should you apologize for missing a meeting, and if so, how do you ensure your apology is perceived as sincere and not just a formality?

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