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Lost and want inspiration? Want to create the best work that you’ve ever created but are lost? Please enjoy our Descriptive and Narrative Essay Bank!

This is a compilation of essays written for Descriptive and Narrative essay questions for Section B of Paper 2; beautifully written and tailored to the highest possible standards for the First Language English mark schemes for Cambridge with respect to Tables A and B, they will offer you insight on how to do the same and better during your personal exam attempt.

There are two parts to the Descriptive and Narrative Essay Bank, since there are two different types of questions that students can answer.

Here’s our descriptive composition essay bank.

Here’s our narrative composition essay bank.

Sample descriptive and narrative essays are provided on each of the pages – don’t forget to read our numerous guides to learn how you can tackle the different questions and parts of the curriculum!

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Descriptive and Narrative Essay Compilations

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