Summary – Summer 2022, Paper 1 Variant 1

Summer 2022, Paper 1, Variant 1, Sample Answer (Question 1(f) – 0500_s22_qp_11):

Jayden Dee’s participation in Tough Mudder was driven by his ingrained competitive nature and a commitment to his community. A seasoned athlete and army captain, Dee sought Tough Mudder as a new challenge, distinct from his previous endeavors like Ironman triathlons. His discovery of the event through social media reignited his competitive spirit, compelling him to join despite initially missing the entry deadline. Beyond personal achievement, Dee aimed to represent and inspire his hometown, Redmond. His desire to win was intertwined with his intention to be a role model for local youth, especially while on leave, embracing the role of the ‘Redmond Guy’. This combination of personal ambition and community engagement shaped his motivation for the grueling race.

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