Write a description with the title, ‘Floating’.


In the depths of the tranquil abyss, suspended in the darkened womb of the Pacific, the lone scuba diver hung in mid-motion. His streamlined body, a silhouette against the vast expanse, was paradoxically immobile yet fluid, encapsulated by the word, ‘floating’.

The heavy black suit transformed into a second skin, as the ocean embraced him with her numbing cold touch. The metallic taste of compressed air resonated in his mouth, a peculiar serenade that tethered him to the stark reality amidst the otherworldly panorama. The rhythmic breaths, slow and controlled, punctuated the silent symphony of the deep sea, each exhale forming an effervescent dance of bubbles that ascended to the surface in a hurried waltz.

Around him, an intricate ballet unfolded, conducted by nature herself. Luminescent creatures, denizens of the deep, danced and darted with a grace that defied earthly laws. Alien yet strangely familiar, they invoked a sense of kinship, his presence seemingly absorbed into the grand theater of the oceanic biosphere.

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